Arra- Daughter of Captain Jidair. Historian and local expert on the Saga of the Prism Lords. The party rescued her from the clutches of the Stonearm Scourge in Ganymos’ tomb.

Brothers of the Blade? or Brothers of Steel? – A group of Paladins from the temple of Valdreth, located in the Temple Ward. They recently cleared out a group of evil cultists from the marsh area to the West of the city.

Captain Barnabas – Captain of the ship, commisioned by the Historical Society, that took you to Anthua from Punjar.

Captain Jidair – Dragonne Captain stationed at the Plague Gate. Slightly effeminate, but with a somewhat commanding presence. He has black hair and pencil thin mustache. He and his guard hired you to take on the Beggar King.

The Dragonne- The fierce warrior caste, organized in loose companies, that patrol the city’s walls and surrounding lands. The Dragonne name is a direct reference to the scaled, stylized armor that they wear. They are actually the Janizair, a race of humans that were once warrior-slaves.

The Dev’shir Family- Elam Dev’shir: Foppish young noble that hired you to look into missing heirloom Lakaisha Dev’shir: Disowned sister of Elam who became a “witch” and tried to exact revenge on her family

Finris the Blind- Aging blind graybeard who owns and runs the Silent Maid. Tried to hire the party to look into some cultists that were abducting the marsh folk that supply his tavern with catfish. However the cultists were wiped out by Paladins from the Temple of Valdreth (see Brothers of the Blade)

Latimer-Half Orc Rogue that ended up with the Dev’shir heirloom. Member of a group of bandits called the Crimson Hand. You let him go in exchange for his help.

Lord Reyes and Lady Tabitha Wolve- Nobles whose marital problems embroiled the party in an encounter with The Slayers and a rage drake. Lord Reyes believes that Tabitha hired the Slayers to kill him and the party as a cover for her. He was found dead by the party shortly after he had unwrapped a mysterious painting.

Morriton- Wizard advisor to Captain Jidair. He has slick black hair that is white at the temples and a pointed beard. His face is pinched and unpleasant. He has some involvement in an obscure branch of the arcane arts known as Viomancy. This branch of spellcasting involves the creation of pseudo-life and the production of bodily enhancements. He gave you your leads in the investigation of the kidnapping of Jidair’s daughter, Arra.

Nauyotl- The village elder of Teputzitoloc. He is an ancient and withered man. He wears an elaborate feathered headdress and bears numerous tattoos and body piercings adorned with oddly shaped bones. He has surprising agility considering his age.

The Prism Lords-Figures of legends. There is said to be seven of these beings with demigod-like powers. According to the Saga of the Prism Lords, long ago, they fought an ancient evil called Ruman’ahk. Legends say that after defeating Ruman’ahk, they vanished. Ever since, they have supposedly moved unseen among mortals, watching for signs of Ruman’ahk’s return and subtly guiding mortal endeavors. The Prism Lords you know by name are: Ganymos the Red and Arra mentioned something about Mestes the Blue

Ruman’ahk-An ancient evil according to legend. Supposedly defeated by the Prism Lords. Arra believes that this evil will return.

The Slayers-This brotherhood of assassins is arguably the most powerful faction in Punjar. They are not a simple thieves guild but a highly skilled and trained assassins guild, rumored to have played a hand in the “Night of Long Knives” and the current Overlord’s rule. It is hinted that they have fiendish allies and wield supernatural powers. Their numbers are predominantly human and tiefling. Their symbol is a viper wrapped around the blade of a dagger pointing down, with several black drips sliding down the blade.


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