The Great Punjar Campaign

Return to Punjar

With the crystal returned to his ship, Barnabas took you safely back to Punjar. Things got interesting before you even got off the docks. There was a lot of talk of disappearances and a ghostly figure appearing in the Devil’s Thumb among the dockworkers and the shopkeeps in the area. Meanwhile, a small boy handed the party a note from Lord Reyes Wolve requesting that you come see him in regards to a “mutually profitable business arrangement.” On the way to his townhouse in the High Quarter, you noticed parchments posted that related to whatever strange things were going on in the Devil’s Thumb, including one about a missing Kassantian Noble named Ardwen Toldara.

Arriving at Lord Wolve’s townhouse you found a grisly sight beyond the door torn from its hinges: a pair of octopoid creatures tearing at his corpse. After destroying the creatures you found one of the Lord’s servants and discovered that these creatures had apparently emerged from a painting he had just received. You tracked the person who delivered the painting to the home of another wealthy art lover, Belfor Vittanis, who was throwing a large party. Disrupting the party, you managed to stop Belfor from unwrapping a painting he had just received from the same mysterious courier.

Talking to the coach drivers and servants out front, you deduced where the courier might be headed next and found him in a yard being accosted by an invisible assailant. You captured the courier and defeated the shadow-like menace that had attacked him. The courier, a well dressed fellow named Baria Finch, claimed that he was unaware of the tragedies that his deliveries might have been causing. He explained that he was hired to deliver four packages and was paid well. He said that it was a strange job but the coin made it worth his trouble. He does not know who is employer is, only that he lives on Sandalwood lane. He also reveals that he has delivered a painting to a home you have not yet visited at 3 Blue Sapphire Avenue.

Against the Pirates

The party returned through the portal stopping briefly in Teputzitoloc, where, Nauyotl, the village elder rewarded you with what meager rewards the people could scrape together. They were extremely thankful that not only had you vanquished the evil priest, but you had also returned Mixcoatl to watch over them.

After partaking in the revelry of the village, you headed back to Anthua, the port city where you hoped your ship awaited. Stopping briefly in the shops, you found your way to the docks only to find that Captain Barnabas was distraught. His ship, the Equinox had been attacked by sahuagin pirates. The pirates had stolen the crystal which powers the ship through still waters.

With little debate the party took it upon themselves to raid the pirates’ island fortress and retrieve this crystal. Your small ship was taken down by cannonball fire but making your way onto the island you were able to wipe out the sea devils and their leaders. A sahuagin priest and four-armed baron were formidable foes but you vanquished them and found the crystal along with some other ill-gotten treasure.

Beyond the Portal

Beyond the portal the party found a vast desert, whose only feature was a great pyramid. You crossed the harsh landscape fighting desert beetles and dune scorpions on your way to this structure. The doors of the pyramid were open, and inside was a curious scene: A sphinx creature barking orders at 4 shady looking figures in robes plucking feathers from a brightly colored coatl tied down to the top of a large sarcophagus. The Sphinx and her minions attacked you upon your entrance and a fierce battle took place, but the party was victorious. Afterwards, you freed and healed the sphinx, who in turn showered the party with a magical glitter that healed everyone’s wounds, before it flew off at great speed. With some difficulty the party determined that the pyramid was the resting place of Mestes the Blue, the prism lord whose artifact you had been seeking. The rogue managed to open a stone cube in the room that contained magical bracers. These bracers would seem to have been the object of your quest, now perhaps it would be time to return to Punjar…

The Story So Far...

Welcome to the City: You initially met each other passing through the Plague Gate and in to Punjar, a slum filled city of corruption and treachery. The Dragonne guards at the gate, under Captain Jidair, hired you to look into the evil doings of a miscreant known as the Beggar King. You found his lair, defeated many of his lackeys, found that he had ties to a slavery ring, and that he was summoning dark powers from the Shadowfell. You defeated him and a shadowy-dragon-creature that he had summoned.

Kidnapping: When you returned to collect payment from Jidair, his assistant, a wizard named Morriton, informed you that Jidair’s daughter, Arra was missing, likely kidnapped. You turned down an offer from Finris the Blind to look into some cult activity, and took on this quest of rescuing Arra. She had in fact been kidnapped, and transported to a tomb in the Jungles of Sahaptia, by a power-hungry foe referred to as the Stonearm Scourge. With some difficulty you slayed him and returned Arra to the relative safety of Punjar. On this quest you learned of the Saga of the Prism Lords, demigod like beings who in times of legend, defeated a great evil known as Ruman’ahk. You also found an artifact tied to one of these Prism Lords, a circlet belonging to Ganymos the Red. Arra believes that the artifacts tied to the Prism Lords must be gathered for Ruman’ahk may be returning to this plane. She intends to look further into this and may be a source of information if you wish to pursue this noble quest.

Stolen Heirloom: You were then hired by Elam Dev’shir to look into the mystery of an heirloom turning up in a pawn shop that should have been in the Dev’shir family tomb. You tracked the bandit who pawned the item and found he was part of a group of bandits known as the Crimson Hand. While following him you ran afoul of a powerful group of assassins known simply as The Slayers. You overcame them and in exchange for his life, this bandit took you to the Crimson Hand’s layer. You slaughtered most of this band, and their leader Haledon explained that they were robbing tombs for a “witch”. You found the witch in an abandoned windmill and defeated her and her undead minions. It turned out that she was actually Elam’s sister, Lakaisha. Some years before Lakaisha had killed her older sister in a fire so that she would become the family heir. The Dev’shir’s realized she had killed her sister and stated publicly that both girls had died. Lakaisha was put into an asylum. An asylum she later got out of through the help of a powerful necromancer. She betrayed him and had been planning to take revenge on her family and perhaps Punjar itself.

The Bitter Fruit of Adultery: The Dev’shir’s rewarded you and referred you to Lady Tabitha Wolve another noble in need of some strong-handed help. Lady Tabitha had you follow her husband Lord Reyes Wolve into the market where she said he would be meeting a dangerous mistress. Instead, the Lord was ambushed and you saved his life. He paid you and told you that he believed his wife had paid for the attack and that you were more or less being used to make her look innocent. Unsure of who was more truthful, or what Lord Reyes might do to his wife, you followed him to a whorehouse before moving on.

Sailing the Surya Sea: With the backing of Punjar’s Historical Society, an organization that Ganharath has worked for, you sail to the Xulmec City State of Anthua in search of the tomb of Mestes the Blue, another of the Prism Lords. On the way, the ship’s captain, Barnabas, takes port on the Isle of the Keep to pick up supplies. It turns out that the keep has been ransacked and the group retakes it for the good people that live there.

Beyond the Waterfall: After making it to Anthua, you follow Ganharath’s research and voyage beyond the waterfall, Atotzin in hopes of finding Mestes’ tomb. Instead you find a series of caves and the tomb of a Xulmec hero that does not appear to be Mestes. You also slay a wounded dinosaur-like creature that has been terrorizing the people of a nearby village called, Teputzitoloc. The village elder, Nauyotl, welcomes you and tells you that he believes you are there to fulfill a prophecy and rescue his village from the rituals of human sacrifice recently reinstated by their priest, Tlacocelot who is located in the sacred shrine of Cuauhcuhlti. He tells you that the priest may have been corrupted and influenced by an evil feathered serpent, called Itzcoatl, whose good brother Mixcoatl has not been seen in recent months. The elder also tells you that he believes you will find what you seek in the shrine.

Into the Shrine: To get to the bottom level of the shrine, you must pass through rooms that replicate the nine trials that Cuauhcuhlti faced. Managing to work your way through these treacherous areas you arrive at the base of the shrine. On the base level of the shrine you slay a coatl creature (Itzcoatl or Mixcoatl?) in a swamp-like room, and find an uninhabited desert-like room. In the desert room you find a holy symbol of Ankharet, which seems out of place. Ankharet is an evil sphinx queen demi-god. Finally, you reach the evil priest and defeat him as he performs an unknown ritual in front of a great portal.

Through the Portal: The portal is surrounded by hieroglyphs that you believe are related to Mestes the Blue, whose tomb was the initial impetus for your current journey. After taking a rest back in the village, you return to the portal and cross over to the other side. You find yourself in a vast desert with a pyramid shaped building on the horizon…


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