Anthua- The most powerful of the coastal city-states, Anthua is second only to Teotcoatlan in size and influence. Ruled by Queen Citlalli and her family, Anthua controls the eastern coastline and protects the peninsula from seafaring invaders. Along with Darawan, Anthua is the undisputed master of the waters surrounding Xulmec. Any foreign power that seeks to invade must contend with the boatmen of Anthua, whose knowledge of the sea is unmatched. The respect and affinity Anthua has for the sea has gained them allies among the tritons, which has in turn brought them the enmity of the saughin. The party traveled to Anthua to locate a waterfall called the Atotzin, behind which was supposed to be a secret area that houses the tomb of Mestes the Blue.

Barrier Isles- A chain of islands at the north end of the Surya Sea that form a “barrier” for many ships traveling from the Northlands to the Southlands. Once known for extreme levels of piracy, the islands are slowly becoming more commercial and less adversarial towards passing ships.

The Black Stone Spire- Possible location of the cult activity, this site was mentioned by Finris as being just a short distance into the Black Salt Marsh. He later informed you that the cults were taken care of by a group called the Brothers of the Blade or the Brothers of Steel.

Blood Canyon- Area riddled with caves and abandoned iron mines just outside the city gate. Named for the red-tinted sediment and for the blood spilled by countless prospectors trying to stake their claim. You went there, led by Latimer, looking for the lair of the Crimson Hand.

The Famished Froghemoth-Large tavern and gambling den in the Devil’s Thumb.

The Great Black Salt Marsh-Forms the Northern edge of the Great Black Swamp. The Great Black Swamp borders the western and southern edges of Punjar. The marsh is home to swamp folk who are mostly fishmongers and tanners. They hunt in the swamp with barbed tridents, and have a reputation for being inbred and are characterized with strange abnormalities. How they survive the dangers of the swamp is considered a mystery or dark secret of some kind.

The Plague Gate- Gate located in Smoke. This gate holds watch over the farms west of the great city.

Isle of the Keep- An island that Captain Barnabas stops at to resupply his ship. It is know for having a large keep that has been turned into a market for sailors and those traveling by ship. Only a small portion of the island near the keep is inhabited by the civilized races. The majority of this small island is jungle like and crawling with lizardmen and goblinoids. The party recently rescued the keep from a group of monstrous humanoids of varying race that somehow had worked together to take it over.

Jungles of Sahaptia- Jungle far to the south-east of Punjar, where you believe you have travelled via ley lines, on the trail of the Stonearm Scourge.

The Silent Maid-Bar that Yeorick has recently worked in. Located at the back of an alley called the Shiv on the edge of Smoke. Full of rogues and cutthroats.

Smoke- A dense rat’s nest of tenements, smoking ruins, and shacks. It is the most desperate of Punjar’s slums.

The Souk- An immense bazaar and one of the wards of Punjar. It is the driving force behind the city’s economy and is bustling with activity at all hours. Foreigners of every sort are welcomed in this area, as evidenced by a chaotic array of dress and races filling the streets here. It is commonly said that if an item can’t be found in the Souk, it likely can’t be bought. This area is home to a deafening tumult of shouting hawkers, rogues offering games of chance, minstrels, vagabonds, and vendors.

Teputzitoloc- Xulmec village founded by the feathered serpent, Itzcoatl. Location of Cuauhuculti’s shrine into which the party descended to defeat an evil priest.

Xulmec City States- An area covering a large peninsula of the Southlands. Though regarded as savages by the Northland nations, the Xulmec civilizations, at once superannuated and glorious, have spanned thousands of years—their traditions older than the oldest Northland country. Once a primitive people, they were mentored and enslaved by the naga race, and since finding their freedom have carved their own path in history.


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