1 blowgun with 10 darts.

3 vials of poison (drow, stormclaw scorpion, and deathjump spider)

150’ of silken rope

Tarnished Silver Cloak Pin (non-magical no monetary value)

Silver Filigree Lantern (worth 3gp) Inside the lantern is the corpse of a pixie.

7 empty ceramic bulbs that can be used as flasks

Mold for casting sling bullets with holy sigils (made for fighting vampires)

Unicorn Horn

2 vials (contain anti-venom)

Cyclopedia of Runes, by Harvard the Elder; Vol. 1

6 silver javelin heads

Silver dagger set with obsidian + 3 other silver daggers

8 Colored Feathers (from a Coatl?)

Holy Symbol of Ankharet (worth 125gp)


The Great Punjar Campaign xredmenacex