Foes and Ghosts

Major villains you have vanquished:

The Beggar King- A scoundrel who gathered up other beggars and thieves, and apparently had an alliance with a group of slavers. He took on both the forces that serve the Overlord and the Thieves’ Guild, earning the enmity of both. He was killed by the party as he was trying to gain control of dark powers from another plane: the shadowfell?

The Stonearm Scourge-Before being slain by the party he was a known villain and viomancer in Punjar. His alias comes from the fact that he has replaced several of his body parts with “grand’roms”. He kidnapped Arra to use her knowledge to lead him to Ganymos’ tomb, believing that Ganymos’ circlet was an artifact of great power.

Tlacocelot-Priest of Teputzitoloc who had the power to become a were-jaguar. He reinstated blood sacrifices in the village and was defeated by the party at the base of the shrine of Cuauhcuhlti. Did he have evil intentions or was he corrupted by another being?

Ghosts of the Past:

Cuauhcuhlti: aka the Eagle Lord. Cuauhcuhlti was a great Xulmec hero from Teputzitoloc. He vowed to end the sacrifice of humans in the village. His vows were declared heresy and he was to be stoned. He escaped and after facing nine trials he returned to the village after 26 years. He came back as a priest and brought with him the feathered serpent, Mixcoatl. Mixcoatl battled his celestial brother, Itzcoatl until the two agreed to rule together and the sacrifices were ended. The party encounterd Cuauhcuhlti’s spirit in his enshrined tomb and he gave you a flaming macahuitl.

Foes and Ghosts

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