The Great Punjar Campaign

Return to Punjar

With the crystal returned to his ship, Barnabas took you safely back to Punjar. Things got interesting before you even got off the docks. There was a lot of talk of disappearances and a ghostly figure appearing in the Devil’s Thumb among the dockworkers and the shopkeeps in the area. Meanwhile, a small boy handed the party a note from Lord Reyes Wolve requesting that you come see him in regards to a “mutually profitable business arrangement.” On the way to his townhouse in the High Quarter, you noticed parchments posted that related to whatever strange things were going on in the Devil’s Thumb, including one about a missing Kassantian Noble named Ardwen Toldara.

Arriving at Lord Wolve’s townhouse you found a grisly sight beyond the door torn from its hinges: a pair of octopoid creatures tearing at his corpse. After destroying the creatures you found one of the Lord’s servants and discovered that these creatures had apparently emerged from a painting he had just received. You tracked the person who delivered the painting to the home of another wealthy art lover, Belfor Vittanis, who was throwing a large party. Disrupting the party, you managed to stop Belfor from unwrapping a painting he had just received from the same mysterious courier.

Talking to the coach drivers and servants out front, you deduced where the courier might be headed next and found him in a yard being accosted by an invisible assailant. You captured the courier and defeated the shadow-like menace that had attacked him. The courier, a well dressed fellow named Baria Finch, claimed that he was unaware of the tragedies that his deliveries might have been causing. He explained that he was hired to deliver four packages and was paid well. He said that it was a strange job but the coin made it worth his trouble. He does not know who is employer is, only that he lives on Sandalwood lane. He also reveals that he has delivered a painting to a home you have not yet visited at 3 Blue Sapphire Avenue.



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