The Great Punjar Campaign

Beyond the Portal

Beyond the portal the party found a vast desert, whose only feature was a great pyramid. You crossed the harsh landscape fighting desert beetles and dune scorpions on your way to this structure. The doors of the pyramid were open, and inside was a curious scene: A sphinx creature barking orders at 4 shady looking figures in robes plucking feathers from a brightly colored coatl tied down to the top of a large sarcophagus. The Sphinx and her minions attacked you upon your entrance and a fierce battle took place, but the party was victorious. Afterwards, you freed and healed the sphinx, who in turn showered the party with a magical glitter that healed everyone’s wounds, before it flew off at great speed. With some difficulty the party determined that the pyramid was the resting place of Mestes the Blue, the prism lord whose artifact you had been seeking. The rogue managed to open a stone cube in the room that contained magical bracers. These bracers would seem to have been the object of your quest, now perhaps it would be time to return to Punjar…



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