The Great Punjar Campaign

Against the Pirates

The party returned through the portal stopping briefly in Teputzitoloc, where, Nauyotl, the village elder rewarded you with what meager rewards the people could scrape together. They were extremely thankful that not only had you vanquished the evil priest, but you had also returned Mixcoatl to watch over them.

After partaking in the revelry of the village, you headed back to Anthua, the port city where you hoped your ship awaited. Stopping briefly in the shops, you found your way to the docks only to find that Captain Barnabas was distraught. His ship, the Equinox had been attacked by sahuagin pirates. The pirates had stolen the crystal which powers the ship through still waters.

With little debate the party took it upon themselves to raid the pirates’ island fortress and retrieve this crystal. Your small ship was taken down by cannonball fire but making your way onto the island you were able to wipe out the sea devils and their leaders. A sahuagin priest and four-armed baron were formidable foes but you vanquished them and found the crystal along with some other ill-gotten treasure.



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